Our students discover the rich Christian heritage of the founding of their country.  Using a variety of resources and media, they will compile a timeline that depicts the story of all the competing influences to the present day. 

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  • Biblical Origin of Political and Economic Principles Founding Our Nation  
  • The Spiritual Orientation of the Founders 
  • How Politics Affect Economics
  • The Role of Free Market Economics in the Success of Our Nation and the Global Impact 
  • Competing Influences on Politics and Economics 
  • The Role Of Journalism and the Impact of the Media
  • The Reshaping of the Judiciary
  • The Role of Public Education
  • The Impact of Our Political/Economic Situation on Foreign Policy

This course is designed in seminar form and involves students in research and discussion.  They consider a list of current books and other types of media as they formulate and sharpen their world view and spiritual awareness.
Timelines are constructed which then provide a framework on which to build evidence of values and influences on particular issues.  They help students to realize the order of events around a particular focus, while considering the political, economic, spiritual, and literary context.  Here is an example of a basic american studies timeline.
While gathering a specific perspective on the issues, students write essays and do presentations on their developing interests.

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